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Do you know what could be holding you back?


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Which one of These Obstacles affect Your Success?

  • Do you feel as though you are not really making progress?

  • Do you feel disappointed in yourself?

  • Could you do much better?

  • Are you at a crossroads in your life?

  • QUIZ: Discover the things that are holding you back!

    Select one of the answers to each item as it currently applies to you.

    1. Lack of self-love
    2. All the time

    3. Lack of self belief
    4. All the time

    5. Not knowing who you are
    6. All the time

    7. Your values being inconsistent with your way of life.
    8. All the time

    9. Lack of faith in your abilities or in others All the time

    10. Not knowing what you really want to make you happy. Confusion with desires.
    11. All the time

    12. Having too many FEARS around different aspects of your life.
    13. All the time
      Hardly ever

    14. Not knowing where you are going.
    15. All the time

    16. Not being prepared to pay the price for your achievement (either through taking action, making any sacrifice or giving commitment)

    17. All the time

    18. Not having any plan, map and schedule of your life's journey.
    19. All the time
      Hardly ever

    20. Not accessing or listening to your inner mind and intuition, just depending on your brain, external factors or others.
    21. All the time

    22. Unforgiveness of others. You are still detached from people you've fallen out with.
    23. All the time

    24. Lack of charity, care and kindness.
    25. All the time

    26. Lack of love and compassion.
    27. All the time

    THANK YOU. Please complete the details requested (for research), and click the SEND FORM button. Your score will be sent to you shortly.

    Gender and Age:

    The Sihera Emotional Health Guide
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    Please help it to continue.

    60-70: You are full of fears, insecurities and anxieties! It is a wonder you achieve anything when you have so little self-belief and trust. You really need to loosen up and appreciate yourself, your world and other people more.
    48-59: You are full of anxieties and insecurities, and are being held back because of a readiness to believe in the worst, or to see the worst. Unless you know who you are and where yo are going, how can you get there, or recognise what makes you happy?
    34-47: You don't really feel too comfortable inside your own skin as you seek frequent approval for who you are, and would love to be. You are not living to your values, as you tend to chop and change to suit the situation, for approval or to impress. Your real self gets lost in all this, which tends to leave you feeling resentful, frustrated and underachieving.
    23-33: You have a lot that is positive in your approach. But there are still too many doubts about your capabilities. You are a talented person, who often knows exactly what you want. You just need more trust and self belief to go with it.
    14-22: There are few few obstacles troubling you. If you are not very successful already, the world will be your oyster because your self love, self belief and faith in what is possible are very high.

    What should I do if my score is not as expected?

  • If you scored MORE THAN 33, you would find one of our personalised Coaching Services very useful! MORE THAN 50 and you definitely need some coaching!

  • You might find the Confidence Guide website of some value.

  • OR you could DOWNLOAD Elaine's Confidence Boosting e-book for more information and personal empowerment.

  • (Photo images used on EmotionalHealthGuide.com courtesy of dreamstime free photos).