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Sponsorship & Advertising


There are various opportunities to get involved with Emotional Health Guide.com to draw attention to your organisation, website or hiring practices. The three main ways are the following:


* Anyone can sponsor ONE or MORE pages EXCLUSIVELY for their organisation, especially if they deal in empowerment or other social/interactive issues. This will be in the form of advert + editorial, with only their exclusive adverts for that page(s).

Sponsorship is required annually for these key aspects:
*Maintaining and updating the website
*Technical expertise
*Responses to readers
*Articles and Research

to request information and present your idea for sponsorship.


(this includes Advertorials)

* Adverts for professionals can be placed relating to jobs, organisations, charities and events to reach our global readers. As EmotionalHealthGuide.com is directly linked to The Sihera Confidence Guide©, The Sihera Career & Management Guide©, and The Sihera Relationship Guide©, any adverts placed will automatically reach a much wider audience.

* Adverts start from as little as ($100) per week, depending on status: whether it is an individual, a voluntary, public or commercial organisation.

* Prices are deliberately low to attract customers. But as EmotionalHealthGuide.com is being widely promoted, and has a very popular subject matter, it is attracting lots of attention!

to request information on rates, OR use the request form below.


* Become an Associate of EmotionalHealthGuide.com and have your name/organisation listed annually on our website. Rates are available for basic names and logos and/or a short message to give your company greater exposure.

* The main condition of being an ASSOCIATE is that your/your organisation MUST deal with empowerment and develoment issues in its routine operations.

to request information on membership.

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