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50 Quotes by Elaine Sihera



Success in life can be rather elusive. Sometimes it seems to happen to everyone else in a highly random and selective way, and never us. But there is nothing random about success.

Belief is the cornerstone of achievement because one cannot believe without being optimistic and expectant. Without belief, especially in ourselves, we are doomed.

Expectation is the single biggest determinant of what happens in our lives, whether we are successful or unsuccessful.


Belief liberates us from fear and insecurity because we know that whatever we believe in - whether God or little green men - it has the power to help us make things magical.

Belief is the bedrock of success. If you do not believe you can, you simply won't. Why? Because everything you do: the way you perceive, the way you approach situations and the way you act, will confirm your belief that you will fail.

Faith is an extended form of belief. Belief begins the whole success process but faith is needed to see it through in the dark days ahead when things might look bleak.


We are always learning and changing every step of the way. We are not the same person on Friday that we were on Monday because our experiences during that week would have added to our knowledge and perception of ourselves and our world.

Nature has ensured that we do not rest on our laurels and are forever improving ourselves through a seemingly insignificant but essential attribute called 'desire'.

In the end, the 'perfect' job is one which we love to do, which fires our imagination, which makes us sing when we are doing it and which brings out the best in us.


Discipline turns words into actions and bring intention into reality.

Discipline is the foundation for our behaviour because it is about commitment and consistency, first and foremost.

Action requires commitment, capability, resources, time, knowledge, confidence and motivation. Any of those can cause headaches if they are missing from the success equation.


Confidence is the greatest single asset we can possess because it often moves mountains.

The 'perfect' job can only ever be perfect for a limited amount of time, because what we may desire at 30 years old, while being free and single, will be quite different by the time we are 40 and have a family or other unexpected commitments.

People get stuck in their careers because they haven't found their own purpose or mission, so each job is done for material expediency and does not keep up with their individual evolution.


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Self love is the foundation of your house. Everything else grows or falls on it.

We can have the strongest belief, the greatest faith, high expectations and prompt action but unless we have the determination to see it through, success will not cross our path

We do not see the world as we think it is, we see the world as we are, based on the amount of self love we have.


We can only give to others what we have to share within us. If we have no self love, we have no love to give, and that has a marked effect on four main areas of our lives: our sense of belonging, the security we feel, our level of trust in others and the relationships we have.

Values are the roof of our house. They protect us when the rains of adversity are raining down upon us; they remind us of our identity and purpose and keep us focused on our priorities in life.

Money doesn't make a family, though it might provide some comfort. However, money and other concerns tend to destroy a family when the focus on them is too much.


Values are the things that define us, the priorities we make in life, the codes we live by.

Our creativity is what makes the human race as a whole survive from one day to the next. It is like the walls of a house that surround us from day to day, to keep out the elements and ensure our survival.

Creativity allows us to leave a legacy for the next generation, to prolong the chain of life itself.


Vision gives us clarity and boosts our motivation. Without vision, we have no confidence in our abilities and our potential.

Vision provides a panoramic view of life, while hope, faith and trust help us to cover the terrain.

Choices are the doors of our personal house. We either use them regularly by keeping those doors open to possibilities and moving briskly on in our lives, or we fear to exercise those choices, hark back to the past with regret, and remain in a rut.


Words of appreciation – of genuine acknowledgement for our efforts – provide the essential oils to keep the light of motivation burning and to grease the wheels of endeavour.

Without recognition, no matter how small, we tend to have no value in our own eyes.

True recognition comes in the form of gradual self-discovery, followed by the acknowledgement of peers and superiors.

Reward matters greatly because we need something to reflect our presence, to indicate where we are on the cycle of personal development and to reinforce our worth.


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Unemployed people, especially those made redundant, tend to be temporarily disorientated and demoralised. Being unsure about their position in life in relation to others, and without a work 'handle', they readily believe their skills are worthless.

Being famous or wealthy are extremes of success as not everyone can be well known or filthy rich. Yet many people mistakenly define success purely in terms of money or social trappings.

We tend to respect people only when we personally recognise them as the source of a particular knowledge, action, expertise and leadership, not just through their work or social status.


Without respect from others we have problems of adjustment, feelings of insignificance and alienation, loss of confidence and low expectations. In other words, little likelihoood of success.

Success is not measured on the yardstick of others, but on what matters to us, whatever gives us a challenge and makes us feel worthy. So you can tell if you're successful in life when you feel really happy and fulfilled, no matter what you possess.

Being successful in life purely depends on your values. Anything that reinforces, maintains and enhances those values to affirm who you are tells you how successful you are. Your success is not defined by the rest of the world but by you.



Be aware that sometimes when you don't get the job it is a good thing. After all, you might have taken it out of desperation, yet be terribly unhappy in it.

If you don't believe you will get the job, I would stop right there. Pointless going to the interview. It's like having a big sign on your chest saying "Don't hire me. I am useless!"

If you don't think you are suitable, that you are just what they are seeking, who on earth will think you are? It's like asking the company to accept what you readily reject: You!


To have someone put their faith in you, YOU have to start with faith in yourself.

Sometimes we become punch-drunk with interviewing, if we have been on too many, using one employer to judge another, or become demoralised by not being selected. Either way, it can tempt us to just go through the motions.

A resume is not about including as much as possible for them to read. It is mainly about raising the employers' interest enough to want to find out more for themselves in their own way.


Clothes are not just about fashion. They represent cultural preferences and personal choices; they mark someone as belonging to a certain type, group or community, and they are very prominent in indicating the kind of taste that person has in wearing a particular thing.

Our reality is dictated by personal perception and our perception is noticeable through communication, which is the most important tool anyone has at their disposal to interact with others.


Communication always involves interpretation: trying to clarify what is being said to judge whether it aligns with how we feel and perceive and therefore acceptable to us.

Because we base our interpretations on individual values, beliefs and experiences, we are likely to interpret incorrectly and against expectation.

Taken on its own merits, the importance of eye contact is actually a cultural thing and can even cause some grave misunderstandings between cultures.

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