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Meet ELAINE SIHERA (Ms Cyprah)


* BA (Open Univ.) PGCE.MA (Cambridge University)
* Editorial Director, People Management Consultant, and Leading British Authority on Emotional Health.

"In January of 2006, as one of my new year's resolutions to expand my professional field, I looked up the term emotional health on the Internet. Only four entries came up on this vast repository of knowledge, which truly surprised me. Two of them gave individual definitions of the term, and neither quite agreed with the other. The third entry was a short article on the subject which was none too confident in presentation, and the final one was advice on how to improve emotional health but, again, sorely lacking in expertise.

When I looked up the term as a part of psychology, it was even more disappointing. The term was listed, yes, but very little explanation of what it was about. My guess is that, with the psychology field being dominated by men, emotional health is about FEELINGS, and many men are not too comfortable with feelings. They know all about being logical, but they don't like anything too emotional. Yet without those feelings, our world would be an entirely different place.

From that day on, I decided to make the subject my own. To expand my own knowledge and that of the public's on its value, relevance and usefulness to our daily existence. At the time of writing, I have completed over 2000 articles on the subject. I have been self taught since my first degree many years ago, doing hundreds of hours of research and learning much from the thousands of emails received every year from grateful readers all over the world.

I seem to have a natural gift for understanding people and empathising with them, Thus I find it easy to write, often with words pouring from me like a burst dam! However, my progress to this point has not been an easy journey because of my continuing illness. For that reason I would like to thank Michael Holmes, Emeritus Professor of Psychology, University of Leeds, who certainly challenged some of my ideas as well as making me aware that I was the only person worldwide exploring the subject on such an intense level. To dear friends, Gwenllian Hughes, from Wales, Pami Loomba, from Manchester and Maria Chasser from Berkshire, as well as to my sisters Marjorie Griffiths-Clarke in Jamaica and Joyce Maitland in Canada, for their regular and caring encouragement, especially at those very stressful times. Finally, sincere thanks as well to the numerous other friends and relatives who have been there for me. I feel truly blessed by their presence. I thoroughly enjoy my work and hope you find it of value too. Thanks for dropping by to keep me company."

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About Elaine


Nicknamed Ms CYPRAH (or Cyber-Oprah by friends), Elaine is an accomplished British public speaker, motivator and writer for The Sihera Relationship Guide©, The Sihera Confidence Guide©, Newsvine and Ezine.com. She is the first Black graduate of the UK's pioneering Open University and a postgraduate of Cambridge University.

A former education manager and magazine editor, she is the prolific author of six books and nearly 2000 articles on emotional health, self-empowerment, relationships, career fulfilment and diversity management: for which she made such an impact, she was dubbed "Ms DIVERSITY".

She is also a freelance broadcaster, an Internet agony aunt and the top British columnist on Newsvine, as well as a Change Expert for FiftyForward.com. Being a very keen advocate of changing perceptions on ageing and boosting how people feel about themselves, Elaine enjoys her work very much by living to purpose and in line with her own values.

Her main advice to anyone is:
"Always Be Yourself!! Those who like you will embrace you and nurture you, while those who don't will pass you by and save you the stress!"

She is divorced with two kidults, André (a computer boffin) and Nicole (a psychologist).

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The Sihera Confidence Guide©
The Sihera Career & Management Guide©
The Sihera Relationship Guide©
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Author (Current E-Books):
1. What is Confidence? Understanding the Human Confidence Triangle
2. Chemistry and Communication: The magical ingredients for great interactions!
3. 4 Secrets to staying Youthful
4. 3 Essential Steps For Finding The Right Partner
5. 10 Essential Tips For a Successful Online Dating Experience!

3. Money, Sex and Compromise: The Hidden Agenda in Modern Relationships (2004)
4. Managing the Diversity Maze (2002)
5. What's in a Name? (1996)
6. Signposts to Success (1991)